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Elevate your healing journey with Rachel Stewart's inclusive therapy services. An empowered woman smiles with her arm raised, embodying the transformative power of IFS therapy. Navigate trauma and embrace somatic healing in Toronto, Ontario, and Alberta with Rachel's compassionate support.

WE understand you

And we know how to help.


Our expertise is in trauma and relationships, including the relationship we learn to develop with ourselves. 

A determined white woman smiles as she stretches, preparing for a run, embodying a sense of empowerment. This image signifies the trauma specialization at Rachel Stewart Therapy, where trauma-informed Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is offered in Toronto, Ontario, and Alberta.



"That's in the past" they say. But what happens when your past is playing out in your present? Or when your past is threatening to destroy your future? 


Unhealed trauma can take over your life, your relationships, and the way you see yourself. Traumatic experiences make people, places, and even your own body feel dangerous and unpredictable. And can make you feel like you can't trust yourself. Or anyone else. Which is a pretty lonely (and scary) way to live.

The truth is you deserve a beautiful life. And you can have one.


There is life after trauma. 

While I can't take away the memories or undo what happened, we can heal the pain and damaging beliefs your trauma left behind so you can finally feel free, safe, and empowered.

An Asian couple shares a joyful laugh as they enjoy the sunrise together. This image aptly represents Rachel Stewart Therapy's specialization in relationships, offering trauma-informed Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy in Toronto, Ontario, and Alberta.

Relationship with others

"Relationships are hard" they say. But what if they don't have to be this hard?

Unhealed relationship hurts can make you feel more reactive and vulnerable in relationships. These past wounds can make standing up for yourself feel impossible and rejection feel intolerable.


Past relational wounds can make you seek out similar people, situations, or patterns in the hopes of a different outcome, only to leave you feeling disappointed and even re-traumatized. Or you may find yourself in relationship dynamics that trigger both of you, and you lose the ability to really hear each other.

The good news? We can heal the wounds and blocks that are holding you back from feeling fully heard, safe, and loved.

A self-confident Black woman exudes assurance and empowerment. This image reflects the specialization at Rachel Stewart Therapy in helping individuals improve their relationship with themselves. Rachel offers trauma-informed Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy in Toronto, Ontario, and Alberta.

Relationship with yourself


"Love yourself" they say. But what if positive thoughts feel like lying and only make you feel worse?

Your life experiences inform how you feel about yourself and what you believe to be trueYou're receiving messages all the time about how you need to be in the world to feel accepted and loved. The criteria is often conflicting and always, eventually, conflicts with who you really are.

You start to believe you're not good enough. You're broken. There is something wrong with you. You look in the mirror and don't like what you see. You deprive, punish, or criticize yourself. Your attempts to be perfect never quite convince you that you are. That you always were.

What is learned can be unlearned. It's time to stop carrying what was never yours in the first place.

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